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RTV Acid Silicone Glue Bonding Adhensive

RTV Acid Silicone Glue Bonding Adhensive

Acid Silicone Glue Bonding Adhensive For Glass Aluminum Bakelite Ceramic Tile Marble Granite Material Ect
  • Capacity300ml Translucent
  • Temperature resistance range-60ºC∽250ºC
  • smellAcid
  • Bonding material rubber,glass,aluminum,plastic,bakelite,ceramic tile,PVC,Marble,granite Material ect.
  • Package included1pc 300ml silicone adhensive

1,One component translucent silicone glue.
2,Curing under condition of contacting with moisture in the air.
3,Become rubber solid after Curing.
4,high low temperature resistance,waterproof,mould proof,long life,environmental,insulation,Yellowing resistance.
5,Used for bonding and sealing silicon rubber,glass,aluminum,plastic,bakelite,ceramic tile,PVC,Marble,granite Material ect.

Usage method:
1,Base material(substrate) clean: remove oil,dust,rust etc.
2,Glueing: squeeze-out glue to the glueing part of the corresponding base material.
3,Curing: this product is a moisture curing material.
General,24 hours curing time under the condition of 25ºC RH:50~60%,
reach best Design performance after 7 days.

Package included:
1pc 300ml silicone adhensive




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