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Acrylic Adhesives Bonding Granite Quartzite Ceramics Glass Wood Joining Acrylic Metal


About this item

  • Acrylic adhesive capacity:50ml
  • Acrylic glue color:white
  • Acrylic Adhesives AB glue Mixing ratio:AB,10:1
  • Acrylic construction adhesive Curing time is 20-25 minute
  • Package Included:1pc 10:1 Acrylic Adhesive,2pcs mixing nozzles,1pc mixing shovel,1pc Hand push rod

50ml 10:1 Acrylic Adhesives Construction Adhesive

It is suitable for stone marble ceramic tile granite quartzite ceramics glass wood joining acrylic metal bonding




Mixing ratio:A:B,10:1

Operation time is 5-10 minutes,

Curing time is 20-25 minutes,it can be grinded after 25 minutes,full curing time takes 24 hours.

It is applied to quartzite,granite,ceramics,glass,wood,stone,acrylic,metal etc.

Operation description:

1,Unscrewing the cap clockwise at 90 degrees.

2,Extrude glue by glue gun.

3,Aligning construction position with mixed mouth.



1,Acrylic AB glue,stone seamless splicing adhensive.

2,It is applied to artificial marble and quartz stone seamless splicing.

3,High hardness after curing,yellowing resistance,impact resistance,hot-wet

resistance,waterproof,mildew proof,corrosion resistance,Aging resistance.

Package included:

1pc 10:1 acrylic Adhesive AB glue

2pcs mixing nozzles

1pc mixing shovel

1pc hand push rod

Marble Tile Repair Stone Tile Repair Adhesive

Stone Marble Adhesive Construction Adhesive A:B Ceramic Tile Glue Granite Quartzite Ceramics Glass Wood Joining Acrylic Metal Bonding Glue

Acrylic Adhesive Stone Tile Porcelain Construction Adhesive Marble Plate Composite AB Glue.

It can repair broken crack corner.

It can be polished after curing completely.

It is applied to quartzite granite ceramics glass wood stone acrylic metal artificial stone countertop crack repairing bonding etc.

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