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Amelia very first met with the Eleventh Doctor along with her own mature worry about on a good when you look at the 1994

Amelia very first met with the Eleventh Doctor along with her own mature worry about on a good when you look at the 1994

Appointment your medical professional [ ]

She didn’t remember your doctor and hired only an obscure thoughts of your own reddish-haired lady regarding the unusual white skirt, who bought this lady an ice-cream cone to displace one and that she had decrease. Shedding and losing the newest frozen dessert, and receiving the new one, remained among their saddest and you will happiest thoughts respectively. (HOMEVID: Good night)

Amelia safely satisfied the fresh Daged by the his regeneration, crashed in her own yard backyard. Because she ended up being hoping so you can Santa claus to send good policeman to analyze new crack, Amelia first got the fresh TARDIS’s anachronistic cops field physical appearance within face worthy of and you can requested your physician if he was brand new cop just who she got questioned away from Santa. Your medical professional got a good “raggedy” appearance, when he had been dressed in the tattered stays out-of their tenth incarnation’s fit and you will is becoming familiar with his the brand new system and choices. He examined a rift inside her wall surface, which was indeed a tear in proportions-date one acted because a gateway to a different some time and place. A prisoner of your Atraxi, called Prisoner No, escaped due to it towards Amelia’s household. Although not, before Doc you are going to help subsequent, the latest Cloister Bell went out of, causing him to return for the TARDIS to prevent the latest motors out of phasing of lives. (TV: Brand new Last minute)

The guy offered to grab the lady with him on the TARDIS, but very first had a need to stabilise the fresh new engines. The guy got the TARDIS for what he believe could be a great small five-moment travel for the future. Amy took the ability to prepare a tiny bag and you may return towards lawn, waiting around for this new coming of the “secret doc”. (TV: The latest Last-minute)

In one single or maybe more timelines, Amelia dropped sleep on her bag on garden one night. Their Doctor returned from much later in the future and you can sent the woman around bed. While the she went on to sleep, the doctor told her regarding “wonders package” he’d taken, which he got really only borrowed they, which have constantly intended to return it; “large and little at the same time, the latest and you can old, as well as the bluest blue ever.” He told you she would imagine the fresh new adventures that they would never have, in which he shared with her to enjoy Rory. (TV: The major Fuck)

Many years afterwards, Amelia made a last request of your to go back to their child notice it second morning, telling their is patient, and of the countless incredible activities you to she would after has which have him. (TV: The fresh Angels Get New york)

Amelia didn’t see the Doc once more getting 12 years, and you may during this time are clueless that an unlawful multiple-mode entitled Prisoner Zero try concealing in her family. (TV: The latest Last second)

Puberty [ ]

When you’re waiting, Amelia was obsessed with the girl “Raggedy Des about your and required their family unit members for taking region. Amy’s Sis Sharon delivered Amelia to help you four psychiatrists exactly who shared with her your medical professional wasn’t genuine. She part each. (TV: The latest Last second) At school, this lady best friends were Rory Williams and you may Beat (“Mels”), just who Amelia and you may Rory don’t discover is its child throughout the 52nd century. As well as the Raggedy Doc, the lady most other welfare provided the brand new Roman field regarding The uk, on which she got multiple courses because she believed him or her slutty, along with her favorite book, The latest Legend out of Pandora’s Package. She don’t discovered a stages on her report towards Romans on account of titling they “Attack of your Sensuous Italians”. (TV: The fresh Very last minute, Let’s Kill Hitler, The Pandorica Opens)

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